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Dehydrating Your Produce

The healthiest way to save your produce is to dehydrate it. If you keep the temperature of the dehydrator to 115 degrees, the produce will still be considered live or raw food. This means the enzymes in the food have not been killed by cooking it. These enzymes serve a number of important purposes, the most important is to help digest the food for you, which saves you energy or enzymes to do other jobs within your own body.

Dehydrated food can be kept for a year but should be replaced by the following season’s crop. Dehydrating fruit, especially apples, peaches, pears, and apricots, give you a treat to nibble on anywhere you go. Good for lunches, road trips or a healthy snack to eat while watching a good movie. Dehydrating is a fantastic way to store your fruit and vegetables for the winter.

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