Terms and Conditions

Customer agrees to pay the full amount at time of scheduled pickup in pre-determined location.

OKFRUIT is released in the event of weather emergencies, natural disaster, shutdown of ferries, or inability of farmer to fulfill orders.

Produce markets fluctuate; Prices are subject to change without notice. Customer will be notified of updated price once the order has been received.

In providing the best service possible and the freshest produce, it’s important to us that you are 100% satisfied with your order. Because this is produce, and it is perishable, if the produce is not properly stored it will go bad. This is how we know you are getting the freshest produce as possible! We will check your order with you at pickup time to ensure it is in great shape. If there is any issues with your order,

    you MUST contact us within 24 hours by phone or email

and we will replace, credit or refund your item the following week. We are doing our best for NO WASTE and ask you for your help as well. Properly storing fruit & vegetables is best done by keeping produce out of the sun and in a cool/refrigerated space.